Just a day

July 14, 2019
2 min read

Life for me doesn’t obey the rules of the other billions. I am in the system, yet i am out of it.

I had this realization that i could not live the lives of the masses when in singapore, i missed something at my appartment and i had to go back to get it from there at office hour. All the trains, buses and roads were empty. I realized that this is the life i wanted: opposite.

Frankly it is just what i got. at the age of 45 when the whole world is toiling, i am relaxing, gazing outside my window sitting in my reclined chair, listening to melody and writing my thoughts.

My time will come but later in life. Now it is time to enjoy the time with my mother, my wife who is still in the matrix and my child.

I reflected and i realized the major career opportunities came to me without my doing anything. whenever i did something few morsels came. the big things came and forced my into a new path.

I am happy i didn’t become a professor, as it would have killed me to teach the same rotten curriculum i didn’t believe in.

I don’t know what is going to come up next. but i know i will be happy as usual because it is something i can’t imagine in my present self.

If when i was even 30 i had to imagine that in 15 years i would be so prosperous as i am now, i could not imagine it and especially how it would unfold.

even at 35 when i started at ace, i could not imagine the next year or 5 years.

Life is amazing.

I lived it.

I just don’t know what next. All i know is that i am the surrender to my destiny.