In another life

March 12, 2017
1 min read

I was reading Richard Dawkins. I read other writers in this genre of ‘scientific writing for laymen ‘. The way they simplify complex concepts using metaphors, is so much like me.

At times I wish I too joined the convention. I would have gone to USA , joined a big university, done a phD and then write a book .

Alternatively I wish I would have still gone to USA, joined any university, got myself a job at a big management consulting job, become partner & started my own billion dollar fund.

wait. When I actually wrote it down I realize that these lives aren’t as far fledge as I thought.

Still in another life I wish I lived a nomadic life. I’d live 2 years in a city and the next 2 elsewhere. so on until I eventually died and the outcome would be a book about the unifying component in all places. I’d see the world like a migrating bird.

Even this dream isn’t far fetched. I still have 60 Years to live.