Staying Forever young

July 22, 2010
2 min read

In the party yesterday, I saw people who were about 10 years older than I.  They looked old. But that is not what made me think.  Their skin was not normal: it was hard, devoid of juice, without brightness. 


I did not want to be like them.  They were job-holders, some were more successful than others. 


No I want to remain young, bright, beautiful, soft faced forever. 


I came to an interesting conclusion that might interest you.  It is supported by science that has not yet reaced the textbooks. 


Our bodies is filled with energy.  The older we grow, we increase our tendency to indulge in the 7 deadly sins: (gluttony, greed, etc).  These decrease the level of our energies.  This causes the above symptoms of old age.  If one is able to keep the level of energies high by staying out the 7 sins, then one would theoritically be forever young. 


Don’t believe the oldies who say that they did not commit any of the 7 sins and still they got old.  I am just 4 years older than 4 years ago and I tell you, I fell into many of the 7 sins.  Thank god, I was so accostumed to the high energy levels that I figured out something was wrong and then I intervened and stopped the particular sin.  The problem is we are blind to the warning signs sent out by the body and the heart.  Don’t be. 


It is not plastic surgery that will make you young forever , it is your thinking pattern, your emotional habits and spiritual prowess.  Of course proper diet and exercise need no mentioning. 


If it feels so good to be vibrant, why get old?