Transforming marital stress into creativity

June 21, 2010
2 min read

I think I cracked the mystery of one aspect of life, one that is related to attraction to the opposite sex, marriage and the happy-ever-after part. 


My baby is 2 years old.  My wife is fully absorbed in him and the little energy she has left goes to her career.  Good but that leaves the husband high and dry. 


While the woman is biologically forced to change her sexual, romantic and affection preferences, man has to do it through a correct understanding of life. 


I remember before I got married, thoughts that every girl was an angel, a savior, an incarnetion of pleasure and love, prevailed in my system.  After 5 years of marriage I have to admit it was all an illusion.  Both sex are humans, have their frailties.  They can both grow to become super-humans but mostly they don’t. 


Had I known this saddening part that women were not the key to salvation, frankly I would not have married.  The illusion of happy-ever-after , kept me going rejection upon rejection to find ‘the one’. 


Then before the baby, sex was high in the list of priorities , however after the baby, the urge is minimal.  Before it seemed such a big deal, now you realize it is just another bodily activity like sneezing.  So what?


It seems that nature conspires for us to get married and have babies.  Now that I have both, the hold of lust is definitely gone, the desire of romance and love is trickled away. 


As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the practice of the techniques of celibacy enabled me to transform lust into creativity and enterprise, romance into appreciation of life, love into compassion. 


Wow what a feeling.  It is like getting out of the matrix as in the film itself.  It is at this point that one truly sees life as it is. 


My message is that you must learn to see life’s problems as opportunities to transcend and not to disgress into sub-human life standards of guilt, cheating, jealousy, revenge, selfishness, perversion, madness, over ambitino and so on.