The theory of mistakes

May 19, 2012
1 min read

I urge young people to start involving themselves in project works early in their lives. For no other reasons that they can make mistakes that if made later on would cost them great monetary loss,  defamation, and unto others great pain, disillusionment and crisis.

I started project work in class one with a school play. in those days it was called extra carricula activities. I was shy, but played my role. Imagine I was shy in my first job. Because of that activity, in my first job I wasn’t shy but I directly got into play, asked my role and if no one told I figured out how I could contribute. It was possible as a teenager I lead projects with no guidance.

But then I made mistakes like being over ambitious, simply forgetting important components, being emotional, being biased, cheating and almost every possible mistakes that cause companies and nations to fail.