the story of life

March 28, 2024
2 min read

There are so many things i could do but i can’t do. But as i see the flow of humanity from my window i realize the world has got much more difficulties than I. Some are winning, at least for now, and most are losing. So is losing a the default?

I have experienced life in many of its manisfestations. I did not face being in war, in this life, either being oppressed or oppressing. But most other experiences I have had and the latest one from the event, showed me a life that i could not imagine. In fact such a life can only be understood by falling in its lap.

I recovered from it but it has left a mark that will never go and the cure i had to use has turned a boy into a man of immense strength yet he is different from the care-free boy he was. Still change is part of life.

Sometimes i wish i did not change but then had that old life continued it would have been a waste. Now i am on my journey. like all journeys there are more failures, and setbacks than successes and leaps. but these will come to.

So how my story unfold? I don’t know. but definitely it will be a happy ending.