A boy’s dream

October 14, 2017
2 min read

Despite the family drama that occurs regularly I’m focused on my vision.

Lately I’m getting a new feeling.

Whenever i read articles about bill gates and the venture capital world I feel something is calling me. I am starting to feel more strongly that i belong to the world of billionaires. It’s a world that’s far away from where i am. To them i am as far as light years away. But this feeling that I’m going to join the wagon of movers and shakers of global level is getting stronger.

Simpler analogy is I’m feeling like a boy who grew up in a tiny island and who has heard of the huge continent. He wants to go there knowing he’s outgrown this island but he can’t being bound by duties. Then he makes a boat that may be one day he will be able to get on and go to that continent where his destiny awaits him.

In my case the boat are the two companies I’ve started. But the continent isn’t a physical distance away as in the 21st century distance is no obstacle. The continent in my case is a whole new set of circumstances. What kind ? I can’t say yet.