The quality of transforming

October 18, 2010
2 min read

If I had to ask god only one quality in life it would the ability to transform.  The logical question is why and yes transform but what to what? 

I’m using this computer, because some scientists, engineers and commercial genius transformed certain elements into this new reality.  Look around life.  it is filled with remnants of great people, most unknown who had stretched this quality of transforming to the limits. 

But here i am talking at a personal level. 

Since my childhood i have transformed so many things into qualities that are making me super successful in my adulthood. For example:

1.  my guilt not to be able to be able to take care of my father who died early, i transformed into the ability to be a highly responsible youth leading his family

2.  that in later years i transformed into a strong leadership quality

3.  i again transformed the loss reckless years when i was 26 to 30 into a wild but controlled life so as to relieve any stress in the psyche

4.  i transformed utter desire to love into psychic abilities then into creativity

5.  i transformed lust into salesmanship in a grandiose scale

and the list goes on…

So I can tell you that if you have this quality you can make the best of any shit that the world throws at you. 

There is no sorrow, no bad habit, no pain , no misfortune that can’t be transformed into something useful for you now or later. 

So like me ask god for the quality of transforming and you will be able to bless your own life.