Programing god

June 27, 2018
2 min read

I wished to succeed in my venture and i have not yet. But I’m so close to success. It has been now two years I’m working on building a business that :
Only i can understand fully
Doesn’t depend on me to scale up except at strategic level
No one sees an opportunity in
Can stay so small only i could run or a few staffs or so big as a multi national company
can get funding from top vcs and become a unicorn
can change the world in style ways
Will make me the richest man of earth at least for a year
Has a business model and vision lasting centuries
Will give me the status is emperor

I am too advanced to ask less from god. I’m already more successful than i could ever imagine 20 years back. I want to show humanity that god exists and magic happens but you got to know how to use it.

At times I’m afraid i wont make it in this lifetime but then i realise in just 43. I’ve got an entire lifetime as if i were just born. I’m cool. My idea is big and god will take sometime to fulfil all my conditions and me too to be prepared for the absolute power such a dream being realised would imply .