No wrinkles for me

May 15, 2020
1 min read

I have reduced thoughts in my mind to a dramatic minimum. I guess this makes me very powerful.

I have no worries at 48. I have everything and nothing. Because my life has been a perfect play of the mode of nature to give me everything i need when i needed it.

Success gives people wrinkles. Myself i just left the game at 42 with enough to go on for life. So will not have wrinkles because no one will disappoint me because i have to trust no one because i don’t need anyone because i have no more any ambition.

I realize i married the right wife for this life. Wives determine the life men will have.

Just until 3 years back I had ambition in my veins. It was delusion. I didn’t want all or any of that success. I failed. It is the best thing that happened.

Still i know i am destined for something very big beyond my current comprehension. But i know i don’t have wrinkles. So someone else will have to deal the with cycle of wrinkles, grief, disappointment, trust, ambition.