My vision for post corona virus career

July 29, 2020
3 min read

After over four months i lost my career, with no new direction, i finally found a valid direction to take my career.

Whatever i do, i always knew it must be sustainable and it must fill my whole being.

I didn’t want to go the way the other trainers went, with online classes. that is ridiculous because having tried two, it felt so empty. instead videos are more fulfilling and since i am going to speak one way for free, why the hell limit the benefit to few?

I might have been wrong, and missed the train, but i felt online training was not the right way for me to go at this time.

But now i have vision. it will take me still some time to see clearly but i am on the right path.

the vision

i will continue with my online video and not try to go on television because it is losing game, knowing the media in nepal and also it is not suitable to my nature.

I will bring in a co-presenter who is a master in networking. i have thought of sushil sharma. he is a devoted fan and he tried to collaborate with me several times before but at that i had no vision.

How this will go on i don’t know yet.

I was thinking of mohit , a student of mine but he would too entangled at this stage of life to do something like this.

Then on regular intervals we would bring in a third speaker.

the theme of my videos will be about reviving the economy and life after corona virus. so it will be a source of inspiration for the viewers, targeting the new generation z. other might follow but they have too much to lose by following me. yet it is unknown now.

The revenue could come from people who want private sessions on zoom or face to face.

Also it would come from sponsorship.

this vision would fulfill my requirement of sustainibility and fulfiling and the third one of having an impact.

Before my training had a localized, minimal impact, this can revolutionize the world because now i have a vision: turn from the mode of passion to the mode of goodness.

action plan

i need to call with sushil sharma, and if he will not be interested i will have to find someone else.


income should be coming in within a few months. i will be happy with even 50k a month. they’d be a 50/50 split and excess will be put in a reserve for future growth or philantrophy.

old career

since this vision is not totally different if some old clients call me for training or consulting work, i don’t see why i could not do it.