How are people doing it?

April 4, 2009
2 min read

Marriage is a sacred thing.  But every day i am getting deeper into marriage in terms of years and events (good news, bad news, unexpected, unprecedented, unplanned) well, the more i am wondering how people have been doing it?  What do i mean by it? 

1.  Staying together: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

2.  Loving each other: with the same passion as at the beginning

3.  Supporting each other: unconditionally

4.  Understanding one another: not just in namesake but completely

5.  Growing individually and as a couple: career, sex, family, socially, intellectually

I think happy couples are lying that they are happy.  Happiness in marriage i have found is the hardest task in the 21st century.  It requires skills  and knowledge that are beyond the normal people:

1.  Talking without being offensive

2.  Listening like following a dancer matching his/her moves

3.  Psychology under various circumstances and various stages of life

4.  Counseling to clear the air and clarify assumption

5.  Spiritual strength of forgiveness, forgetfulness of the bad, and remembrance of the good; also of seeing ones’ pain as small compared to others; belief in the sacredness and eternity of the marriage.

Do you have all these qualities?  If not i am just wondering how are you doing it?