Coming in terms with one’s specialness

June 15, 2009
1 min read

Having a gift is both a curse and a boon.  I just don’t belong anywhere.  I have a talent that separates me from everyone.  Yet all seek the fruit of this talent. It is good. It is being an artist. 

But i won’t get an entry in the artist’s club either. 

Many people have a talent that is apart from others.  But unlike me, they decide to suppress it and move on with the crowd.  I wish i had done that especially in between management consulting assignments when i am not expressing my talent to people. 

But we all carry our own destiny.  We must live it. 

What if superman could never become Mr.Clark or Batman Mr.Bruce.  Well in the real world that is what being talented and selling your talent means.  You can never really get into the mainstream again.  That unless you forsake your talent totally. 

I guess it is a small price to pay for the pleasure, bliss and sense of accomplishement your talent and specialness brings in your life.