Living in the Borderline

May 26, 2009
1 min read

Life of a management consultant is always on the borderline of super business and abosolute inaction.  For several months you are so busy, you are there saving companies.  Then suddenly you complete your job and it will be a while before you get the next assignment. 

Office workers and business men relish on the fact that their business never finishes.  Management consultants relish in that when the day is over, their work is complete. 

My life as a management consultant is like that of a rockstar performing of stage.  When you give counseling and when you are in the middle of all staffs and people.  After the session you just break down: you gave all your positive energy.  The next day you recoup. 

My energy is spiritual, emotional and genius.  It just is transmitted.

If only you could feel the bliss inside of me.  It is a miraculous feeling. 

Yet for this ecstacy, you have to pay by embracing uncertainty.  It is part of the deal.