My strategic plan 2015/16

October 25, 2015
2 min read

To everyone else it was just a long 7-days holidays. Many will have recharged. But to me it is a kind of rebirth : one of vision, mission, objectives, priorities, strategies, new wants.

My vision for this year is to see myself as blissful as now throughout. I’d continue with my current clients, gym and I’d add a weekly swimming trip to Gokarna Resort. I’d explore my idea of Venture capitalist as my new identity.

My mission for this year is to take all my clients to the promised land.

My objectives are to get more followers, leaders and maintainers from within & without at all my clients. In Nepal FOMOLLERS are the key to success and the weakest leak.

My priorities this year are sequentially : my inner peace, my family , my clients , preparation for my next avatar of VC, transforming Nepal.

My strategy is still the same :
1. lead but don’t own legally : have others in front ; be the richest man yet no one knows
2. lead without title of CE0
3. lead from my car without any physical office dedicated to me anywhere

This year I want to be even more relaxed than before. I want to have to do less and have my FOMOLLERS work.
I want to sleep by 9:30 and wake up by 6:30.
I want to complete decorating my house.
I want to complete my personal meeting hall at Baneshwor .

What I don’t want to do this year is to actively seek more cmc business. If it’s destined I’ll take it if not I’ll do it through my new VC business model next year or whenever it is finalised.