Nepal: in transit

November 24, 2015
3 min read

With the crisis of blockade having crossed 100 days, no body seems to know what is going on , why and what is next. For one time, the whole country is united. Before different people had different problems. Even in the earthquake, some parts of Nepal was unaffected. But now we all suffer as one, the same disease.

Nobody is able to go on his business. One way or the other we are affected.

This is like a dark cloud besieging our country.

Who or what lead to this mess?

The concept of federalism seems to be at the root of the problem. Was it needed? Isn’t it just a reason to create more positions for leaders than genuine need?

The marginalization of tarai by kathmandu was a psychological bomb waiting to explode. This conflict is similar to the maobadi uprising. Like now it is Tarai Vs Kathmandu at that time it was Pahad vs Kathmandu.

Is a civil war about to break out? The tarai revolutionists have got less people and sympathisers than Maobadis had. But if India finances them, war seems inevitable.

What learning is here for us Nepali people to gain from this? The Maobadi movement abolished the king and taught us nothing lasts forever- not even so called gods. It was 10 years of high inconvenience. It was worse- we were all insecure. Business too was affected.

Is this blockade for good or bad? Consumer confidence is at its lowest. No one is spending other than on basic needs : how to sustain businesses based on luxury? Isn’t what healthy economies are based on?

How will it end? Will the blockade lift itself up and the revolution fade away and take another form like armed one? Will it continue for another 100 days? Or 200 or 365 days ? No analysis seems to work.

The Bhagvad Gita rightly tells nothing happens without the will of a higher consciousness. There is always a cause
effect relationship in every happening. So this blockade is the fruit of our collective karma.

Stopping at this would be very pessimistic, so this blockade though is the effect of :
1 . Corrupt government
2. Absence of effective leadership
3. Undisciplined citizens
4. Divided mentality based on ethnicity

it is also the cause for :
1. End of corruption driven national strategies and policies
2. Rise of new leaders from untraditional sources
3. Citizens who know how to stay in line
4. Shared identity to form a homogeneous value system amongst all ethnic groups.

When we look at the current blockade in this light, it doesnt look that bad.

But non-the-less it remains to lead one’s businesses, keep people employed, pay debts.

But it is not that bad as consumers are still getting money from remittance by family members. The challenge now is to them willing to spend on items and services other than basic needs.

Tourism and factories are worst affected.

All this seems like a bad dream that one just wants to wake up from.