Wake up before it is too late!

July 22, 2010
2 min read

When passions turns into business, the feeling is not good.  Either you change and mend your ways or your are headed to the doldrums of misery. 


I had a rude wake up call yesterday when two days of my motivation wks were postponed and was left without work for these two days.  It is a banal thing, you say.  So did I say uptil last year.  Then I was running into my 3rd year of consulting.  Now as I am in my 4th year of consulting, I take days without work too seriously.  I earn more than before with these breaks.  But something changed.  I became old. 


I’m afraid I am stopping to enjoy this passion of consulting and motivating and thinking of it only just as a career or business. 


God!  I am become contaminated by materialistic thinking. 


I started as a revolutionary and now I am becoming a money-minded businessman.  Wait!  That can’t be.  I must change direction before I lose myself. 

Success has got into my head.  I have become greedy.  It is bad for motivating.  If you can’t enjoy being with yourself, why would thousands of people and organizations pay to be with you and have you with them? 


I’m just a one-man-army now.  I am nimble and I can change.  I want to take my time before becoming a company.  I want to explore my talent more and learn how to maneovre in this path I have chosen. 


In fact god is conspiring to make me someone great not only in financial terms or even in terms of achievement but also in terms of uncorruptible spirit.  I have destiny to fulfill.  HE is molding me to that end.  I have faith in HIM. 


What about you?  Are you too becoming a ‘sucker’ , a ‘bad’ person, a ‘greedy pig’ or simply ‘corrupt’ or ‘unhappy’?  Wake up like me before it is too late.