Defining success

March 8, 2014
2 min read

Someone earns millions of rupees in a month. Someone earns thousands. Someone earns hundreds. Someone earns nothing. someone pays hundreds. Someone pays thousands. Someone pays millions.

How much is enough to earn or to pay?

Does the one who earns millions happier than the one earning nothing? May be. But happiness is itself a difficult metric.

Still more pertinent question is: is the one earning millions more successful than the one earning nothing? Now we think success is a clearer metric. Obviously success can be measured in terms of earnings. Still just because someone earns millions doesnt necessarily mean he is successful. He just happens to have earned millions because he was playing in a that was measured in millions.

What I am drawing at is that in basket ball one wins by scoring 100 + points. But in football one wins normally by scoring 2+ goals. Yet does it imply that the winner in basketball is 50 times more successful than the winner in the footfall game?

So in various industries success has different metric scales.

Today bankers are posing the biggest problem in understanding success. Their ceo’s are earning so much that they dwarf any other industries. Then all youngsters want to join a bank. Not because they like the game but because they like the money. Others are not joining because there arent enough banks to go around.

In other industries ceo’s might earn one tenth of the bank’s Ceos but they could be equally or hundred times more successful.

The bottom line is what you want in life?
success or just the trappings of success?

Myself I chose success with the understanding that the trappings of success would come in their own accord.