Skill of Influencing

November 19, 2013
2 min read

Just imagine if you could influence anybody and any number of people. What would you influence them to do?
lsnt it a skill Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had?
It seems to be a far fetched skill. But it Is One possessed by many. Facebook founder to mahatma Gandhi all had this skill.
But the skill goes beyond just speaking to influence. That is where those succeeded differ from those who only wished.
This skill begins in the mind. Then after much processing there it Comes out in form of words. At the same time actions observable at the physical level follow.
what is most interesting is not words spoken or action taken but what, how the mind processes the agenda to influence people into.
Words and actions can be purchased or funds Can be raised to get them. But thought process required can’t be purchased or borrowed.
All said what would you do or should I say what would want people to do for you if you have the skill to influence?
If it was a boy in a one-sided love affair, he would want to influence that girl to reciprocate his love.
If it was a wife wanting to buy something So expensive that her husband is refusing, she would want to influence him to accept.
If it was a student wanting funding for a weird project he would want to influence the committee to give him the fund.
If it was a politician he would want to influence all to vote for him.
If it was an entrepreneur he would want to influence people to buy his products or services.
If it was a revolutionist he would want to Influence people to follow his new path.

So it is evident that we all this skill to Influence people at one point or the other.
Yes. Wanting such a skill and having it are very different.
But this article takes you to the edge of the cliff where you can see far out. Now you see what I see. Most will return back away form the edge of the cliff. Others will jump.

What will you do?