What is the truth?

March 8, 2014
4 min read

God is not a physical being sitting on a throne in heaven. That is an accepted truth.

There is a Universal intelligence instead. Is this the truth?

There is a continuum in Consciousness from one life to another. Is this the truth?

Evidence in both cases are hard to find. But many people will accept that life is not just a game of probability. There is something bigger going on here.

It is been a long time I have been struggling with this thought. But I have a theory to explain both problems.

To this end we must draw an analogy to the phenomenon of internet.

There are servers the around world where people upload information. Then there is a portal or browser to access that information. That browser needs a computer. People from all walks of life upload, browse and download from that group of servers we call the cloud.

Now in order the internet to be possible just a concept wasnt enough. People had to invest in the hardware and wiring. So wires were laid onland and below the sea. Some invested in satellites to transfer information in this cloud.

Then they were the more intelligent people who had the power and the foresight to make protocols within this internet.

Now people could enter the age of the internet. It meant having the world of information at literally the tip of the finger. It was a simple concept with dramatic implication.

The world then was never the same again. with the internet any Information that could be digitized or changed to a binary form could be uploaded and transferred across vast distances in no time.

Now we think this is a logical progress of technology.

However l want to ask You. The people who designed the internet were they unique people or a certain type of people? I believe they were a certain type of people. Can we say that such people could never have been born before? If they did how would they have spent their time? The binary code wasnt discovered and their was their was no fibre optics.

l believe these type of people used their talent to build another form of internet.

It would be physically located in the air. These people would have uploaded information their. The medium to upload, download or browse those information would be through meditation, dreaming and connecting with no mind state.

Then it all makes sense.

Through some algorithms instilled the information would have taken life of its own. Thus a cosmic intelligence would to come to being like the internet today is given a god like statute. But truly it is the information and algorithms uploaded by people that made it possible.

Similarly this cosmic intelligence would be made of mental energies or prana.

Then men of superior intelligence would have set systems and structures in that cosmic intelligence that we now can equate to the cloud.

Then how like any computer automatically follows the systems of the internet so would any human with consciousness follow the systems of the cosmic intelligence. You may call it the laws of nature.

Following this logic, reincarnation too can be explained.

suppose a computer crashes. Either it will be thrown or its memory will be migrated either through physical devices like pen drive or through the internet.

In the latter case, the old memory will be transferred in the new computer. we can thus say reincarnation occurred.

Now this seems Common knowledge to Us now. But to others before it would have been a mystery.

Similarly, imagine some people in the past found a way to migrate their consciousness or whatever could be migrated through the cosmic intelligence into a new body? If we look at reincarnation this way it all makes sense, doesnt it?

Like all computed are born with old memories similarly not all humans need to be reincarnations.

At the end these two ideas: one of cosmic intelligence and the other of – reincarnation, might seem farfetched but I believe the men of the 21 st Century can finally understand What is the truth?