A sadness

July 29, 2020
1 min read

I feel shocked and sad at how my tenant reacted after a tough negotiation session. To me it was just part of the job of being a landlord. but my tenant took it personally and just decided to leave. I felt betrayed, but more sad at this person’s foolishness. Also there is no doubt i am going to lose important cash flow at a critical time of life. But what is done is done.

It felt the incident hung on like someone committing suicide. it felt this tenant commited suicide to make a point: to prove he was right when all evidence pointed against it.

I don’t want to imagine having to experience such a situation when you confront someone and that person goes and commit suicide to teach you a lesson. Better it is he damaged your property or well being. at least you have somewhere to go or do. but suicide is bad.

I realize so many people have to face this dark reality of life.

I just feel compassion for both parties: suicider and those around him or her.