Realise always

January 3, 2018
1 min read

Without my exercise routine I’d either be a mad man or a depressed man. Luckily i developed the habits to make me a cool , distant man : too calm and focused for the likes of most people. I’ve got my own bad points in the view of others. But it’s not my fault. They don’t know morphology. I also didn’t but now I’m almost a master at it and i know no one is really an ass hole: they are just morphologically different.

But today i made the greatest realization that what i thought was the problem is the solution. The problem is that i didn’t look out to expand my business in anyways last 12 months at all.

My own brand name has earned so much before but i let it collect dust last year.

I feel broke and i deserve it having wasted my brand to such an extent. But again it was to start my avatar as entrepreneur.

So it balances out.

I got the point now i got to start moving.