That feeling of goodness

July 29, 2020
1 min read

Two days back at night, i felt so bored. It felt life was repeating itself. i missed by travel, the admiration of clients, the interaction with people saw me as important.

Then i sat in meditation. suddenly i developed the same feeling i had missed. the boredom just went. till today in my normal state i feel no lethargy, i feel i am in that place, in those places where i used to perform: nagarkot, dhulikhel, pokhara, all over nepal, in five star hotels.

But it really felt good, amazingly good. i came at peace with myself.

Nothing remained lost. Only thing is that i am not making any money, that is all. Alas money can be materialized out from meditation. someone must value your service and pay.

But that feeling is next to the best thing.

So every night in my mediation, i can go to that mental spiritual state when i miss those places, times and circumstances.