Forced strike:roots and ending

June 15, 2009
2 min read

Today a political party suddenly called for a banda or a forced strike to close all shops and not allowing any vehicles on the road. 

My cousin was supposed to go back to the Europe today, but he had to find his way like a thief through bypasses. 

Myself, i had to postpone a training. 

My wife had to take leave and her office is operating short handed. 

Why is this taking place?  What will be its outcome?  When will it stop?

About why i think it is because of all the years of suppression.  It is a psychological explosion. 

When famous psychologist Carl Jung went to pre-world war 1 in Germany, he was reporte to say, “There is so much hatred in the general population that i forsee something terrible from them.” 

I traveled with a YCL group on my bike for about ten minutes on the road. I could see the air of arrogance in their face and behavior.  They are shouting and threatening openly.  it is as if they have a license to threaten everybody.

The outcome of this mad behavior of these youth, will definitely cause people who want to make a decent living want to flee the country.  It has slowed down the economy.  It has estranged us in our own land.  But the good thing is that people are able to express their anger publicly.  This shows also that there is so much unemployement and people are looking towards politics as a safety net.  Also it is a form of entertainment for them.  Like in England they have football fans. 

All this will stop only there will be an all encompassing leader who will able to make this mass of millions what the right path is and create employment and safety nets. 

Who will be that leader?  Will one leader me enough? 

I have always believed that i was destined to be that leader who will change the course of Nepal towards political stability, economic prospority and spiritual awakening. 

My management consulting adn motivation and writing work, are all so advancing in impact, i am starting to believe more and more on this.  I am able to shift consciousness of upto 100 people at once. 

But this is my thought.  What history holds i am unaware.