The Changing tihar times

November 8, 2010
1 min read

Tihar times are a good indicator of the changes that occur in Nepali society’s mentality in that year.


This year no one Came to my house to play Deusi sOmelting similar to playing trickster on hellowyn. Just 5 years back there would have been 10 parties coming in. About 15 years ago there would be 30 such groups ab kids. Last year there were about three groups.


So  I carried my baby and waited on the road. As a group would come I invited them in. In total I invited 4 groups.


What does this change in cultural behavior of society indicate? Truly noone  is able to Stereotype Nepalese people.


No there were deusi groups but their Strategy was to play in front of shops.


My take is that nation builders must take into account these social behavior changes. For example they Could derive that people want to Mix up less or here is a higher sense of insecurity.