Baby rearing and nation building

June 4, 2009
2 min read

Taking care of my baby i see a great man who will follow my journey to personal glory. But as i look at passerby’s watching him indifferently when i take him on a stroll, i wonder , “One day every one will stop and get his blessing for material and spiritual purposes.”

Life is amazing. God has for good reasons made other people indifferent to someone else’s babies. In this way the baby is safe to grow.

I see my baby play in the kitchen and then i wonder, “Will we be moving to another house? Will he go overseas and leave us? My mother has me with her in the house she built with her daughter-in-law and grandson. Will I be that lucky? But i told my wife, this baby is going to grow up with us.”

We applaud his every action. Show delight at his every trials. This will ingrain very high self-esteem in him: a certitude that he will liked wherever he goes. For some people it works the other way round, they think they will be disliked anywhere they go. That is why parents must work very hard to make the off-spring feel welcome, appreciated. It gets hardwired in them.

Imagine what it will do to their careers? They will be able to go anywhere and sell their services at the highest prices, convince any people to follow them, make happen feats of colloboration between vast number of diverse people. We need more of this kind of human resource now in Nepal.

So parents start now. Teach your kids to stay in Nepal and build the nation.

Anyways. the baby is inspiring, his smile uncontaminated. Neither is mine because i work very hard to clean any impurities in my smile. I make a living out of my smile, by the way!!