Freedom: start and end

August 12, 2010
2 min read

What is life?  How is your life shaping up? 


Are you trapped in the rat race of working to make a living and then living to work?

Are you so rich you need not work and you trapped in that world without social status?

Are you caught in the trap of pleasures  and ethical limits it makes you cross?

Are you trapped in freedom? 


It seems we are all trapped.  The Buddhist called this phenomenon Samsara.  No one is free. 


However freedom is possible in any stage of life, if one can take control of one’s mind. 

  1. first you have got to love the trap that you are in
  2. then you must accept the cosmic fact that you where you are because of your choice at a subconscious level
  3. you must see yourself as a tourist or traveller in that stage of life instead of a permanent resident by telling yourself, “I am just a traveller”.
  4. you must allow your mind and spirit to evolve quantumly.  This is possible through the practice of uddvartas or sending sexual energy upward instread of downward.  All spiritual practice ultimately end here.
  5. you must be open and alert to the cues for you to rise to the next level of existence
  6. you must then let go of your old consciousness and move on to the next one


At this point you will feel freedom.  But again it is short lived until you can repeat the above six steps. 


Eventually you will reach the highest level of personal freedom within this lifetime. 


It is a new a way for thinking, of course.  But give it a shot.