Blessing so tiny yet so powerful

May 4, 2010
2 min read

It has been a long time I have not posted anything on my blogsite.  Sorry for that.  There is this reader “Bishesh” who posted so many comments that were so uplifting.  Truly it is people like these that make sure creativity remains alive in this world.  I myself I’m guilty of appreciating so much good literature on the net but I fail to leave a comment behind.  At least when I appreciate a book in a library I show my appreciation by paying for the price of the book.  This goes into the publishing system as one book less in the stock.  This is like scoring one goal for the publisher.  In turn the writer gets the effect through royalty of one book but more so by the fact that there is one of of his book ‘sold’ in the market. 


I was always a firm believer that knowledge cannot be useful if taken for free.  I told by father-in-law that I always bought books as a result.  I did not believe I could pass an exam if I borrowed a book.  Then he countered by hypothesis saying, “in college I always borrowed books and I always came top of the class.” 


So I might not have a theory on appreciating books through the process of buying them and only then would one be able to reap the fruits.  But it is not important if my hypothesis has no validity.  What is important is that I believe in it. 


But how to appreciate something on the net?  Yes.  We should at least try to leave a message behind.