A speech that shook the soul of laziness

June 7, 2009
1 min read

Today in training i just woke up the soul of the students who had been a lazy as most students are.  i could feel the energy pattern change so drastically: they just had straigher bodies, eyes on the front, and almost resentful of any time they wasted.  It is these moments that you live for as a motivator. 

I’ll share with you how i did it:

1.  I asked them “What do you need now?”

2.  “When will you get to be lazy again?”

3.  “will this moment in class come again?”

4.  “will the chance to be lazy come again?”

5.  You can always be lazy but the opportunity to be attentive, participatitive will disappear in a thirty min…

6.  If they continue with this habit it will continue at work and they will waste more precious time.

7.  Be lazy not when you are supposed to perform. Be lazy in the toilet and on holidays.

Going through this speech they just shifted from within. 

At the reflection part, everyone openly realized how they had wasted their time. They walked taller when they left.