Total Harmony

April 23, 2019
2 min read

I am in my verandah, watching the trees in front. Birds are chirping. Suddenly a noise of a grinder in a house being renovated nearby comes and goes.

I came back from my daily swim. In an hour I have a training to give at college. In the morning I completed my routine work-out, did some work on the computer. I dropped my wife to her office and will pick her up later. I chatted with my mother several times today during tea breaks. I had some fun arguments with my son.

Last weekend I went out of town to pokhara for a training.

I have got secured work for the next 3 months, so it is fine.

At times I wonder who on earth could have a blissful life like mine. Few could even comprehend what I have achieved: the perfect balance between inner and outer, freedom and busyness, spiritual and material.

At 45 I am as carefree as a 6 years old.

I live everyday in an unthinkable harmony between life as all know it percieved by the conscious mind, the dream world, my inner world, the new found world of my samadhi.

I would have been driven mad if I was too successful at getting jobs after jobs, too much money, power. I would have just ran away if such a thing had occured.

On the other hand , being always free would have made me poor and unhappy.

Also all world , the conscious, the inner world, the dream world, the samadhi world, work in harmony.

So I should be happy. I am.

there is only one thing I feel I lack. It is the freedom to take my family in various parts of the world whenever I wish. But then I could, it is just I am not doing it because it would upset the balance of my other worlds for the sake of one wish of my inner world.