April 23, 2019
1 min read

What do you do with a man with no more desires? I have achieved the highest state of man, Siddha-hood. But I cant just kill myself nor should i wish to die.

Definitely is a just a feeling of euphoria. But still there is some truth in it. I am just happy with what I have. I worked and sacrificed a lot to get these things and I am not interested in aquiring more.

Material possession make sense only upto a certain point, I know unlike the rest of humanity who will call me mad, and say “it is never enough”.

If the whole population were like me, then there would be no economy and the very items I use to enjoy my bliss, would not even have been invented, produced and marketed.

On the other hand, if there was no one like me, there would not have been much problem in the world, most will people. Even I am tended to think this way. However, I bring to the world a different perspective that eventually leads to a glorious living .