Circle of Masters

April 10, 2019
1 min read

So I figured it out. Samadhi, the 8 siddhis. I had a querry on what to do with my new found ability for conscious OBE during meditation. I realize that it was the time for meeting with other masters in that frequency.

I have made a circle of them. I am not fully able to converse with them yet but i see them, hear them and feel them. they are quite many i think.

It seems I am the only one with a body. It is quite useful to have a body while in this state as :

  • I can learn
  • I can finish, add, modify karmas
  • I have enjoy sensory pleasures
  • I can directly be involved in building a legacy

But I just wonder at times :

I know I am great and everything. But how will the world react when they find out? how will it absorb me?

Of course these are futile questions as they will be answered easily. It just appears so now.