The science of creation

May 19, 2022
1 min read

I am feeling tired since a few days. May be it is due to the stomach ache I had or may be it is due to a shift in my consciousness.

I feel different. I feel like I have figured the final piece of puzzle of life and that I am thus tired.

I think I have figured out the origin of creation as described in the Gita, but in scientific terms:

  1. the mode of ignorance = dopamine driven motivation
  2. the mode of passion = seretonin followed by cortisol loop driven motivation
  3. the mode of goodness = cortisol followed by endorphin look driven motivation

In my theory, these modes are part of the neural circuit of humans. Like the values of speed of light, gravity, and other elements of nature, these 3 basic neural circuits formed to enable creation, propagation and the eventual destruction at every level.

Whereas the gita lacked the scientific terminology, I have found the key. Moreover I have the application ready.

This is a major breakthrough for humanity. however very few will understand. My karma will lead me where I will be heard and that is not my worry. However for now I feel overwhelmed.