End of samadhi

November 29, 2019
2 min read

I have reached the end of my samadhi state. Now it is a new stage of which i know very little except that it is highly stable.

Once I am out of the body like I have written before I followed the 8 floor structure:

  1. Astral plane: where I travel around the world and through time
  2. Moon plane: where I take in problems and give out solutions
  3. universal plane: where I become everything
  4. master’s plane: where I meed ascended masters
  5. light plane: where I traverse to shed my “I” ness
  6. particle plane: same as above
  7. trinity plane: where I detach myself from the 3 modes of nature
  8. infinity plane: where I take on the rainbow body

Through practice I was moved up to the 8th state even during the waking state while being driven and no one watching.

Now they have become so integral that I don’t even think of them.

That is why since 2 days ago I quickly moved to the 8th plane in which i meditate as rainbow body.

there is an infinite stillness that is even unique to me.

It is like the other end of a rainbow:

  • on one end i have this physical body
  • on the other end I have this rainbow body
Blue sky and white cloud with sun light and rainbow

As a sign I saw so many rainbow spectrum in house yesterday, which I never saw before although it was possible due to various reflective surfaces.

So in this state i am absolutely calm. occasional thoughts and feelings come but I cut them with the 7th plane.

in this 8th plane the difficulty was to regain the “I” ness as without it I could not go further.

I don’t know what there is from here. but the presence of masters is getting stronger and more numerous.