My spiritual identity

April 4, 2019
2 min read

For many people Kundalini, chakras, nadi’s , are highly interesting but it is pure theoretical. In my case, these are real practical experiences.

When spirits visit you, they make themselves known to you in various ways:

  • through sudden squeaking sound in furniture, windows or doors.
  • smells
  • sensation of cold giving you goose bumps

My many masters visit me and let me know like that. When they see i am ready they leave away by blessing me with electric jolts.

Since I was 13, I sensed them.

So yes it is hard for me to see the world as just a physical realm of 3 dimensions.

The good thing is that this extra sensory perception doesn’t hinder my daily life, and instead i use it to enhance the quality of my life. All these qualities just make one more attentive, creative. That is just what others want from anyone. Being a spiritually inclined person, makes it easier for me to show the excellence in my job.

The question is always there though: not all successful people have my kind of spiritual experience. In fact it is not needed. Bill Gates became a billionaire without ascended masters visiting him or blessing him. So did Steve Jobs.

So definitely all my experiences although help me perform my job better especially of training, coaching, counseling, writing, creative work, it is a pre-requisite to be successful.

The question is: what for all these experiences then?

My stay on this earth as all ours is just transitory. There is so much more to do afterwards. Most people are unaware but I am.

In fact i know i’m conducting some important R&D for ascended master without a body. Alas they gave up long time ago, too fast. I may be the only one with this much consciousness or one among few. I have not met others like me yet.

Even as you read , you will find this incredible, may be see it as fiction. Please do so if that is how you can reconcile what i am say with how you know me.