Mysterious me

March 27, 2019
1 min read

Mysterious are his ways. Whoever reads my blog while I am alive or after I die, will definitely say. But i wrote this blog to try to tell the world about my personal life, if and when it would be interested.

For now no one is interested in my work, forget me. People are still enamored with movie stars, high profile entrepreneurs and CEO’s. That is only natural.

what is there to be impressed about me?

  • I drive a cheap car, the cheapest
  • I dress just not to be kicked out
  • I earn just enough to maintain my free and easy life-style
  • I employ no body
  • I am not interested in social work, or altruism

But still people are impressed by me because

  • I make them feel special
  • I help them find the truth
  • they feel peace and bliss in my presence

I seek no fame, no followers.

I took birth mainly to complete my practice of mediation. Like a perfect diver, i managed to create the least possible splashes as I entered into the water of samsara.

There were few people who tried to become my follower but I didn’t keep them. No i needed to travel alone and I could make my own living.