Fantastic vision of my death

May 12, 2019
2 min read

This morning I had a vision or an imagination.

I am 100 years old. I’ve seen away all my loved ones die. But my samadhi is so advanced I can leave the body fully anytime.

I put myself in the name of science in a lab.

I am placed in a AC room with tubes in my hands. I sit in my samadhi position aided by various tools to sit straight. Then I go, leaving just enough prana for the body not to die, it will be self-induced state of comma.

I’ll be gone for a hundred years or may be a thousand years, then I will come back to the body. so they will have to preserve my body till then.

All this will be recorded.

Proceeds will go to my family that is left instead of me.

I don’t know why no yogi has done this yet. I guess they were not preparing properly. If the buddha boy had done what i said, he would have been a marvel of history and an eternal example, in addition due to all the media rights, he would have been a billionaire instead of having to cheat for a living. he could even have married, divorced, married again.

It was not in his karma.

Now I am 1 hour of my body and 23 hours inside the body. by 100 years of age, i will be 23 hours out of body, and 1 hour in the body for eating may be. then i will come back only every 1000 years.

But then i might need to take rebirth for my wife and mother that until they too ascend into samadhi.

What a fantastic vision.

It will take a lifetime of practice.