Meditation updates

September 13, 2020
2 min read

Today has been a quiet day. My wife came back home out of schedule feeling unwell. I look at the world from her point of view: she is having the life she wanted since so many lifetimes, that I could not give her before. So I am happy.

My meditation is moving ahead in a new direction. The meditation seat I made, is almost perfect. Few more testing to do and it will has perfect as my yoga nidra recliner.

Now I am meditating on the sound in the 8th chakra. Then I see myself as the soul like a star.

In meditation, being in my head I can feel I am in distant universes billions or trillions of light years away. No it is not imagination as I know what that is and feels like. No what I am feel is as if it was real like being in my garden or in my room.

I can see stars, black holes, the black space. The galaxies expanding away from me.

Then at times I am pulled back my petty thoughts.

I then visualize myself as siva surrounded by his group of idiots, ghosts. Then I manage to jump in the 8th chakra from one point to another. I thus escape the pull of the petty thoughts.

In the exercise time, I listen to a music of drums, and I see siva in the 8th chakra dancing the tandav nritya. It is me, I superimpose my face on it. It moves at its pace but I can also affect it.

It is just amazing. I don’t understand. The seers of the past must have called his vision tandav nritya. But what is it?

So now I have 4 meditations:

  1. Night meditation of 2 hours – listening to 0.9hz
  2. Yog nidra – listening to noise canceller
  3. Exercise – listening to drum
  4. Walking – listening to 40hz