A Secret of the 21st century Mystic

September 7, 2010
2 min read

To be a master of life is a very difficult thing.  There is nothing such as rules.  The bounderies of ethics are flexible.  it is a highly paradoxical world.  No one can help you at a certain level of enlightenment.  Mainly because no one has ever been there. 

I have just come back from a holiday from my ego of a husband and father.  It was a journey into the darkest side of humanity.  But i went to hell and came back.  I’m a champion at going to helland forbidden worlds and coming back to tell the story or should i say to live the power gained there. 

This time i am back from a place no one can really imagine.  Using the techonology available and my will power, i travelled into one the darkest sides of myself. 

Thus now i come back rejuvenated.  My power has grown exponentially. 

I can’t tell you more because that would cause your even high mind to get disturbed.  IF one day, you too reach the frontiers i have reached, then you will be guided to meet me so i can guide you.  But if you reach this far, then you will need no one. 

As you read i have designed it such you sense my relaxed energy state.  It is bliss and power of the suns combined. 

It is a long journey full of mysteries. 

More i can not say.