what to want more?

May 1, 2019
2 min read

what if I was born into my current life of true luxury instead of life on an aspiring couple rising from poverty to opulence?

I learned how to use leisure from french aristocratic family of my best friend. Maybe they just reminded me.

This early life before 42, I struggled like everyone & to me is was especially hard because I had many missions:

  • Building a career like everyone
  • coping with my spiritual growth
  • completing my sexual development
  • taking care of my house having lost my father early on
  • saving a marriage with a wife lost to her shadow
  • ambition to be the richest man

Then we built this new house & everything changed over several years.

  • money became surplus always
  • I attained samadhi & the final stage of om sai
  • the chapters of sex, finally turned to those of green learning
  • my wife tookup the leadership role in the house
  • my wife got her disease removed & along with it the shadow
  • I was bitten by the red monkey, began 2 companies, tried & failed & I’m so happy because there’ll never be a “what if?”

Now you tell me: what more can a man want? I can’t.

Yet I still have half my life to live so I will have to “want” something. But I’m not rushing.