“Internet Meditation”

June 3, 2009
2 min read

When i say that i meditate people ask me what style i follow or who is my guru.  Well i never had a formal guru for meditation although i accept many gurus for other things like successful business life, writing career, and social life. 

Meditation always came to me naturally.  I change my style every time i need to.  It depends on the state i am in and the state i want to .  It is like picking the plane to Newyork if you want to go to New York.  What else would you do?  Sounds simple but most people first don’t know where they want to go in the spiritual world, then they don’t know what are the various modes of transport there, then they don’t know how to make reservation, then finally they don’t know how to build crafts. 

To me it all came naturally. 

Just since yesterday, i began a new meditation craft or style: I named in “internet” meditation because it is inspired by the same.  Through this i connect with other celestial beings, people in power who can give me the boosts i need to succeed, and people who follow me. 

People see meditation apart of material life of career, security, success.  I see these are integral.  I could not separate them.

One day, i will definitely i will begin a new movement that will take spiritual and material together.  I believe that enlightened beings must now contribute not only in salvation matters but poverty allevation, economic growth and overall fulfillment of human life. 

Well, people, lets see how far i go in this mission. 

How else do you think i am such an effective management consultant/trainer/writer?  We all have our own muse.  You know mine now!