5 forces of life purpose

July 11, 2017
3 min read

What is life ? What is the purpose of life ? Is life a one time event , a chance or accident ? Is life’s purpose to get as much of as much as possible ?

A man is born and slowly gains an awareness of who he is. He learns the objective of life from his surrounding. Then something from inside compels him to disagree from what the world around proposes him. Finally he comes to a compromise on what of the existing world he lives in , to agree and what of the compulsive forces from inside him he has to face every second , to agree. That’s when his glory or doom sets in.

Let’s take several examples. A boy was born in a family of villagers in a remote place. His life was set to work as a farmer. But his father wanted him to develop different concepts of life unlike him . The father wanted him to experience finer things of life. So the father sent him to the city to study.

Deep inside him the boy had a burning desire to be first, he loved to use his mind and longed to enjoy the luxury of life. This inner calling combined with his new environment , he naturally excelled in studies , got scholarships and eventually found himself a multi millionaire highly respected professional far away from where he was born.

Another example of the son of a very rich man who earned his wealth through genius. But the inner calling of the son is to do physical activities and less mental work. So he becomes a world traveller earning in his life pretty much nothing but depending on his parents income and he’s happy, they are happy because he fulfilled a deep dream they had but never had to inclination to fulfil.

So what is life ? One day science will be able to prove it : its a continuation of the journey of the soul from one birth to another. The purpose of a particular birth is then determined by :
* the parents
* the environment
* the genetic make up of the current birth
* the souls last birth
* the higher powers or those who govern the cosmos after reaching samadhi. This is for some major historically significant events.

In most people the first 3 forces determine the purpose of this life.

In a few cases the 4 th force defines the purpose

In still a fewer number the 5 th force dictates their life.

You yourself must say under whose force area you driven in this birth?