How are you using your Free Time?

October 17, 2010
5 min read

Time.  Many people have written about it.  All have a view of it.  Here is another one.  It is different and i hope it strikes a cord in you. 

See it is like this.  I come back from work at around 7pm.  My baby and wife were out at their maternal uncle’s home (mama ghar) for a few days.  It is quiet when the baby is out.  The question now arises what to do with so much time?  The next morning i leave at 9 am.  It makes about 14 hours. 

At work, my consulting work requires that i give every minute worth of value to my client. 

The enoromity of those 14 hours dawned on me only recently.  After my research, i realized that it is the quality of how those 14 hours are spent that determines a man’s destiny. 

My consulting work also gives me chunks of continuous days of total no-work days.  So i had the opportunity to ponder over this issue of time. 

I’ll not tell you how i used these 14 hours of free time that lead me to open my mind to the hugeness of the concept on time i am here to elaborate but here is the concept. 

As the power of the mind increases so does the grip of the mind on time increases.  At underdeveloped mental levels, time basically is out of control.  Then as your mental capacity increases one sees life slow-motion, like the program on discovery channel called “Time warp” where they break a scene into 500 frames per second.  Seen at this level the way we use time, its consequences is really revealing. 

Developing your mind to such a point you can slow things down and see the intricacies of the way you use time, is a skill one should explore. 

Not only that, like a time lapse camera, you should also see your use of time and its consequence extended over long periods of time in the past and future within a short span. 

Most of people’s time is wasted in fighting with thoughts and emotions. 

This is something i was myself shocked to find out after living 35 years with my own mind.  The difference between a super success and mediocre person is how he fights this war against certain thoughts and emotions.  In the process he will develop good habits and bad habits.  Good and bad i mean in terms not of morality but in terms of requirement for success.  It is like in order to build a house you need so many things that you take out once the house is complete. 

Well, this fight is wonderful.  99.99% of the people lose it because they don’t even know about this fight. 0.0019%  win this fight but develop bad habits that causes them to self-destruct.  0.0001% win the fight and having been able to transform bad habits, achieve immortality amongst men. 

First lets talk about how people lose this fight:

1.  They spend their free time, dully watching television.  Mind that i emphazise on dully. 

2.  They spend their free time chatting on the internet aimlessly.  Mind that i emphazise on aimlessly. 

3.  They spend their free time with friends at bars or the equivalent like coffee shop. 

4.  They spend their free time drinking and fighting with a new but less scary enemy called ‘hang-over’.

5.  They spend their free time smoking and fight with a new but less scary enemy the threat of the publicized lung cancer.

6.  They spend their free time concocting plans to get richer, bigger, more famous, more powerful without truly understanding why they really need all this. 

So basically i have just laid out stuff that people do and told that all this is an illusion.  So what is not an illusion?  How can free time be really used for its basic purpose: to fight thoughts and emotions?

I use the word fight but other softer people could say ‘dance’ . 

So what are the thoughts and emotions i am talking about?  Before that let me tell you where they  come from:

1.  your own daily actions results in reactive thoughts and emotions

2.  society’s thoughts and emotions you receive vis media

3.  from past life karma

4.  unresolved memories

5.  rhythm of stars and planets or astrology.

Then these thoughts can be and mainly are:

1. Lust

2.  Love

3. Romance

4.  Hatred

5.  Regret

6.  Ambitions

7.  Guilt

8.  Faith

9.  incompetence

10.  Power or powerlessness

and the like..

The problem is that people try to escape from these thoughts and emotions.  This is wasteful.  It takes one nowhere. 

I have found out after 27 years that one must design ‘free time’ in order to fix these emotions and thoughts uptill the point where they sublimate.  It means they vanish out of being satisfied.  Yes, done properly, one can even sublimate lust making it fully satisfied. 

So whether you watch Tv, chat on the net, hang out with friends or engage in any form of hobby, you should do that with the purpose of overcoming the above thoughts and emotions.  Then one day like me you will live to tell the story of your success in utilizing free time to win life. 

It makes me sad seeing that the world is just unaware of this concept on time and thus gets lost in the cobweb of existence running after illusions whereas they could have more fun by out-runnning illusions. 

Believe me, it is much more fun.