Waiting for love to return

November 12, 2010
2 min read

Back from all the hype of my workshop, i step in my car and recall my wife.  Somewhere down the road, we lost the electricity of togetherness like most couples do.  Thanks to careers, baby, illnesses, stress, mismanaged expectations , excessive familiarity and social obligations.  I just wonder if those days will ever come back.Â

How much to object, how much to quarrel?  If you take it in that direction, you can be sure that the answer to the last question is “NEVER”.Â

Bodies are vessels for love.  Not only physical body but mental bodies.  It is so easy to make them uncapable for the return of love.  Have an affair, get into night life, drink, smoke, alienate, separate: all these do the trick to destroy the bodies that will recieve the returning love.Â

It takes skill to maintain this body.Â

Sanyas or renunciation is the most important skill for that.

You don’t need to go to a jungle to become renunciant in the 21st century.Â

Stayin in a family provides more reasons to recounce than do forests, tigers and monkeys.  It is especially true in the times you are estranged with your spouse.  No lonely cave in the himalayas can beat this loneliness.Â

Gee.  I am good at thinking positive ,  am i not?  Not only that i am a natural alchemist.  So can you be too.