March 26, 2016
1 min read

As I was in HR meet 2016 today , I felt like I was undercover. For the first time I was in a program and no one was able to know me as I wasn’t a speaker. Only those few among the hundreds who attended my earlier workshops got in touch with me.

I looked around and realized I could change their lives in 2 hours but what was the point? I’ve done it thousands of times. I cant do it a million times.

Few people I interacted with who didn’t know me and with no one introducing me to them, it must been hard to believe what I told them without seeing my work. But such situations are bound to occur as I am choosing to retire from the super competitive training circuit.

I want to attend more programs as a learner, however the delivery of speakers & trainers make me wanting. so may be I’ll just stick to books. Pure content.