3 functions in Samadhi

June 4, 2019
1 min read

In samadhi yesterday it was lots of hard work. I had to constantly :

  • keep moving
  • emit energy
  • absorb energy

in the entire universe form quanta to the infinite galaxy .

I didn’t know why I did those except that if i did not I would sink into the state of meditation:

  • Focus on an issue
  • analyse
  • synthesize

At times I felt tempted to drop down but then I continued. I felt at times my soul preferred to be in body-mind consciousness rather this nothingness of the infinite space that eventually looks finite and small after all these days in samadhi.

Yesterday I emited to and absroved from energy:

  • people who are supposed to give me work
  • Donald Trump
  • various leaders
  • people in general
  • into the void of eternal space

No visits from other souls have been felt since many days.

I don’t know what I am doing in the samadhi, but when I am there I just know these are my 3 functions. May be over time it will get easier.

Dreams are corroborating that my samadhi is not delusion.