No allegiance to any group

August 26, 2020
2 min read

I am writing a blog because the internet is down but then I came up again and I got busy into getting input instead of getting into output mode of writing a blog. However today I really needed to document some progress in my spiritual journey.

I am in the state where I am living the three states:

  1. Siva in Samadhi
  2. Vishnu in yog nidra
  3. Brahma with 4 heads

After reading the biography of yoga sutra, I understand that the distinction between Buddhism and yoga or bhagvad gita is murky, I realize may be why I am so attached to the last and why so much of my progress in the Buddhist tradition mixes with Hinduism and Vedanta. In this life I belong to no group, no sect. I have no allegiance to anyone. I have enough money to not depend on any institution. In this life I am free to explore the reality.

But then at the level 12 I am, I understand that this stage would not be possible with the intact physical and mental body I have. Even if it was possible, such a person would have had to leave society and thus would not have access to any advances in knowledge, let alone enjoy the facility brought by technology in the very process to overcome it.

However I know many yogis have reached this 12th level because I meet them everyday. They reached here by losing their bodies and minds. I am the first one who reached here with all intact and no one to answer to, with no loyalty to anyone.

There is so much esoteric meaning I derive from the various ancient scriptures that I wonder whether it was me who wrote those encrypted in stories that would be passed on thousands of years down the line until they reached me.

I don’t know how my story will unfold but I am getting ready. This time my brahma has only 4 heads. So I will be a true god when my time comes.