In my blood, In my Soul

December 19, 2010
2 min read

Is there a past life? You could prove this to be true or false in many ways. CaseS when someone recognizes  people and places beyond their existing surrounding and wher these strangers and facts  about these  places corroborate, then we become convinced of paSt life. Otherwise we allow modern psychology theories of sub conscious , hallucination , mass hysteria to keep vs grounded on reality as we call it.

But I am thinking in a different line.

As our bodies are born Of a lineage of people , so must our soul be Continuing from something. An ignorant might assume he came from thin air , I mean his body. Less ignorant one may assume his Concepts about life , attitude , behavior , values and aspirations are his own solely. Still more pardonable ignorants may assume that Certain extraordinary qualities  such as arts, genius , strategy and inclinations for example towards unconventional fields of work are mere Coincidence and no causation beyond different wiring of the brain.

In the above First case ignorance we know our bodies are products of our parents.  In the second case , we are talking about mind. We know it is a product of society, media  and propaganda  (subtle or  gross).

In the third use  I  am talking about soul. It too must be a product of  something.

It could be:

  1. Past life
  2. Cosmic intervention
  3. Divine mission
  4. Planetary and astronomical aligniments
  5. kundalini
  6. Aliens
  7. Astral beings
  8. Other yet unknown elements

Whichever the cause of Soul , we should not deny that possibility lest we be Called ignorant.

I am a firm believer Of soul. This how I explain my creativity , talent, insight  and direction.

I leave the rest of rationalization and de-rationalization about “soul” to you. To me it is as real as family blood.