Do all organizations die?

March 27, 2016
2 min read

It is inevitable that every business will collapse. I thought business could last forever. After reading series of books on innovation I am convinced that there is no company that last forever.

At the beginning , I thought if we could perfect the internal aspects, the organization would survive. But external aspects such as the changing taste of consumers and the inability for any internal mechanism of the organization to correctly guess it always or enough time to survive eternally, will kill it anyhow.

It is like saying man can find the cure to all diseases but still he will die. Man can shut himself in a room and stop the external world ever from reaching him , but he will still die. At most, man can elongate his life and increase its quality.

Similarly organization will fail or die out of either internal or external Causes.

when a man dies, his soul moves on. Do organizations have a soul? The idea is so ridiculous but somehow I always believed it existed.

Wow! Now I found the knowledge to elongate organization’s life by solving internal problems and external problems. Today I know why Nokia failed and how it could have survived. Today I know how most organization failed from within.

Today I know no giant organization even can live forever. Today I know how to defeat competing giants.

In the end even if the organization dies, the stakeholders would have lived fully. In the end how much does a man need to survive. The giant falls, but the fleas on it, move elsewhere.

Running an organization is like playing any game. If you don’t make your move , others won’t stop and defeat you. Even if you move , it might be the wrong move and you’d die prematurely.

Eureka ! I decoded the secret of organization lifecycle.