The Power of Entrepreneurship

April 13, 2009
2 min read

There were about 20 young boys and girls in the mid twenties. Most were job holders, looking for more ways to make money in life.  They belonged to a Leo’s club of Biratnagar.  I had to train them on entrepreneurship. 

Lesson 1:

Entrepreneurs think differently for every situation.  So I asked the stand up and sit down.  I repeated my instructions and they sat and stood up in the same way.  Finally i told them that if they were entrepreneurs they would sit and stand differently.  Now they did it.  Then i asked them to follow me in a circle.  They did but with originality.

Lesson 2

Find something missing or a gap.  I asked them to look in the group and find what someone missed.  Some said someone missed proper hair cutting, others height.  Some said weight loss, others said personality, a good shave, talking style, a nice shirt. 

Lesson 3

Get an idea to fill the gap.  So I told them teleshopping mall brought out height increaser to fill the gap of height complex.  Similary there are many weight loss programs.  Personality development trainings are increasing in number.  John Player is an idea to fill the gap of Nepalese cheap shirt brands.

Lesson 4

Have a great concept.  After you have an idea you must have a concept that will make it feasible. 

Lesson 5

Make it happen.  All said someone becomes an entrepreneur only when the concept gets materialized.  You have to fight against many odds. 

Lesson 6

Find people who you can make successful by succeeding yourself.  Like a writer makes a publisher successful.  Bill Gates is super rich because he has made billions of users successful at doing their work faster and better. 

Lesson 7

Success is a habit.  Repeat the above 6 steps in every occasion be it in form of business or just a project. 

Lesson 8

Money is the ultimate goal.  It is only a motivating factor.  Do you play football just for the scores on the board? Were it so you could change it yourself. 

Using these 8 lessons, anyone can harness the power of entrepreneurship.